Inventor/Developer Profile

Tom L. Ricca has a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering with strong specialization in computers. He has over twenty years of experience in teaching and engineering practice and has to his credit eight US Patents, prosecuting seven of them himself. Familiar with Patent Laws, Patent licensing, Cost Structure and Product Planning, he is easy to negotiate with before final legal advice is used.

We welcome any comments, suggestions, or feedback about our lighting solution or website. If you think someone else would be interested in the LightGenie™, send them a link to our homepage! We understand that some automobile manufacturers hesitate to receive third party inventions or suggestions for legal reasons. To make it easy for these manufacturers to feel legally protected, we always send all material for consideration with a duly signed, notarized Confidential Disclosure Waiver similar to this online version in PDF format.


Tom L. Ricca, President
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Columbus, OH 43212

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